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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

William "Bud" Hickman: Staying After School Cut Into Play Time

From William "Mr. Bud" Hickman:

I had Mrs. Carter (above, left) for Second and Third Grades:
She took me under her wing and helped me learn. Back then, teachers had to teach four or five different classes. I was the best at math. If you didn't get all your homework, they'd keep you in after school, and that cut into my play plans. We learned quickly to get it the first time..

I learned more math from Professor Howell (above, center).. he made algebra easy to learn. He taught 9th and 10th grade math, and when I was in 10th grade, he would teach the 9th graders math at the same time, so if you didn't get it the first year, you'd get a refresher course the next year. There was no way to ever forget it.
I remember Mrs. Woods real well, because they rented rooms from our neighbors right across the street from us on Walnut Street..

I played football, too, first as a linebacker, then in the backfield. We didn't have that many players, so Coach Kizer (above, right) switched us around a lot, both offense and defense, any place they needed us. We never got any rest.