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Monday, May 28, 2007

All The Elementary School Teachers Were My Favorites


How can you name a favorite teacher at Douglass? They were all favorites!

I was fortunate to attend Douglass in 1st through 5th grades. My teachers for those grades were:

1st Mrs. Dobbins and Mrs. Wilson (first row, left)
2nd Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Solomon (first row, right)
3rd Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Sneed (second row, left)
4th Mrs. Bowers and Mrs. McKesson (second row, right)
5th Mrs. Dobbins and Miss Charles (third row, left)
Mr. Thomas, Douglass Librarian (third row, right)

I mentioned them all because the classes interfaced with each other at one time or another, whether it was a party, gym, play, etc. you were taught by them all. My memories are listed from 1st through 5th grades.

1st grade – Mrs. Dobbins, oh what a wonderful teacher and so soft-spoken. 1st grade then was a time when you learned the alphabet, numbers, how to write your name, color, eat lunch, and recess! But the one thing I remember that stands out at that young age was, she taught that little boys should respect little girls.

2nd grade – Mrs. Cox, a true educator would teach us how to spell gymnasium, auditorium, and cafeteria. She thought if we were using these facilities we should know what the meaning of the words and how to spell them. She also made us eat vegetables that we said we didn’t like, but grew to love. She taught us that you can accomplish anything and don’t be afraid to try something new.

3rd grade – Mrs. Webb to us was the most beautiful model-like teacher. She taught us that if she left the room and put a student in charge. We were to obey that student as if she were still in the room. Again, that’s teaching respect for one another. We also learned to speak French so well that we would put on plays in the auditorium.

4th grade – Mrs. Bowers, the great enunciator, encouraged us on how to spell and correctly pronounce words. We would have a weekly oral spelling test. She made learning fun and of course the students left standing were treated to those little ice cream sandwiches in the cafeteria. We took turns going to the cafeteria to get the ice cream for everyone. Needless to say we had some great spellers and learned how to serve others. Incentives can be a motivation for learning!

5th grade – By this time, some of the teachers had started phasing out and going elsewhere. I was fortunate to have the very first teacher I started out with - Mrs. Dobbins. This time around we were a little more mature, on the brink of adolescence. She taught us social etiquette and that we should always be ladies and gentlemen. She also told us that the “lessons” we learned in her class we would carry into our adult life.

I just have to mention Mr. Thomas, the librarian. His love for reading was so evident and he always encouraged us to read, because knowledge is power!
I am thankful that I was able to experience the family-type atmosphere that we had at Douglass. I will always have fond memories of Douglass and all the wonderful people that helped to mold us.

Vicki Wood Smith