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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bobby Joe Johnson: Strict Teachers, But Effective

From Bobby Joe Johnson:

Mrs. Scoggins (in picture, left) was very strict.. you didn't come in her classroom playing around. She was right down to business, and she wanted you to be, too.. that allowed for no distractions.

Mrs. Weed (in picture, right) taught me math and some English. She was also very strict, which the teachers had to be with us.. You could learn quite a bit if you set your mind to it. Math was difficult, but history was easy. Parts of it were boring, but if you could pick up on events and their historic significance, you could do well. When I didn't have football or basketball practice after school, I used to shine shoes downtown for 10 cents a shoe. My teachers at Douglass always encouraged me to look ahead, always look down the road to the future.

Then there was the truant officer, Mrs. Taylor, oh so strict.. There wasn't an excuse in the world you could give her for not being in school.. sick, holes in shoes, didn't matter. She'd come looking for you. She wouldn't accept any reason you had.. you couldn't even fool her by ACTING sick. To her, there was never a reason to NOT be in school..