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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Joyce Long: All the Teachers Were Eager to Help You Learn

From Joyce Long:

Mrs. Carter (first row, left) was my first grade teacher.. she was the first to teach me how to read and how important it was.. she was very easy to learn from, and thanks to her, nothing was too difficult to comprehend.
Mrs. Maybell Woods (first row, middle).. I liked her because she was pretty. Whenever I ran up to her, she always hugged me, and that was important for my self-confidence.
Miss Jessica Weed (first row, third from left) was a neat, consciensious teacher.. she always encouraged me and because of that, I always liked to do the work she assigned.
In Home Economics, I learned to cook from Mrs. Dement (first row, fourth from left).. she was very thorough, and she didn't take no stuff. There were no excuses in her class.
Mrs. Cox (second row, left) did not teach me, but she did let me teach spelling in her class while I was still in high school. That helped me when I choose teaching as a profession.
Mrs. Scoggins (second row, second from left) was our English teacher and the director of our Glee Club. She also taught us piano.
I liked Mr. Kizer (second row, third from left), even though he was in football mode most of the time. He was strict in his teaching, with A, B, C, D, and F rows in his classroom. If you got to the D or F row, you had to work to get out of them, and he would always encourage you. We didn't have many classmates there. He taught math, which was my worse subject, but he taught it well, because I ended up teaching math later on.