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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Play To Win, And Win To Play

From Nathaniel Smith:

I remember in the first grade, Mrs. Carter (in picture, top).. she never played favorites. We all had good manners and training at home, our parents had good control of us back then and when we got to school, Mrs. Carter taught us to all be our own person. She could really bring out individual talent in all of us, and she made sure from our early start in school, that we learn the ways to retain what we learned.

Of course I was into sports, as was my classmate Bobby Joe (Johnson), and Professors Howell and Dobbins were our coaches. Coach Howell (in picture, bottom) shared his athletic experiences with us, especially to boost our confidence on the football field. He had a way to making you learn, so it would stay in your memory.
Sometimes we weren't very good, some of us were just out there trying to learn the plays, but we always played for fun. Everybody wanted to win and it was disappointing sometimes when we didn't, but the fun we all had as players, outweighed everything else.