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Monday, March 19, 2007

Mr. Deering: "Be Prepared" and Mr. Baylor: "Be Patient"

Greetings Calvin:

Let me first applaud your efforts for the website. I was at Douglass from September 1955 until its closing after the summer of 1966, 1st grade through 10th. My teachers from 1st through 6th grade were Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Bowers, Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Hendricks consecutively.

After sixth grade, we had multiple teachers and a homeroom.

I often quote Coach Deering, bottom left, (who also was my science teacher) to kids I know, "Coming to school without a pencil is like a man going hunting and forgetting his gun."

Mr. Joseph Baylor, top right, who taught me chemistry ( in a real lab), once said and I've never forgotten, "Patience is a virtue we should all strive to obtain."

I distinctly remember, another time in class, a conversation between Mr.Baylor and Johnny Lee. Johnny asked Mr. Baylor if he believed in Predestination. At the time, I felt pleased just to be able to pronounce the word, let alone have enough cognitive curiosity and forethought to have some dialogue. They talked for several minutes, and I don't remember anyone else in the room joining in the exchange of ideas.

Good luck with the project and I will be talking with you again, soon!!

William Earl Evans