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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mr. Young: Awesome Band Director

How well I remember Mr Young...he taught me English Lit in High School and I had one class under him when we infitrated Dobyns Bennett. Those were the days. Mr Young made reading fun and my reading has grown tremendously through the years.. he was also an awesome Band Director.. He took a 6th grade finger fumbler (me), and constucted me into a pretty good Sad player (at that time). We also had a concert Jazz band an we played a concert every year for the Comunity.. they would dress up and come like they were going to the symphony, just to hear us playing those "Dorsey" tunes (smile). And at football games, we could be standing on the field with white tennis shoes frozen to our feet.. split reeds, horns so cold we had to put them between our uniforms to get them warm enough to get a tune out and play "Kansas City" or "Tea For Two" to perfection LOL (and make a formation too). Yes, he was my favorite, along with Mr. Baylor (he had patience). Now Mr. Baylor would literally teach you 'til you got it, even if you had to run by his house to get it done.
Linda (Peaches) Bly