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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mr. Gill: Always Keep Trying & Mr. Dobbins: Don't Let Others Influence You

Calvin, My heart goes out to all who have contributed to this "Memory" & it has been a excellent source to reflect back on our younger days.

I guess I would have to say Mr. Gill , my French teacher stayed as a spot on my heart more than any other. He was a stern man like my father. Why I would think I could speak French is still a mystery to me, but I did, there was times I was so lost in his class, he would always tell me "TRY, TRY harder" and in my mind I'm thinking I am trying. I was Miss Douglass 1958-59, so coming to Douglass for my first High school days was really a special time in my life. I had major adjustments to endure coming from Rotherwood.

I remember Prof.( Mr.) Dobbins, he knew those of us coming into the school from other areas had a harder time adjusting, he always gave those pep talks about not letting others influence you, and I can really respect that now and it's something I pass on to my grandchildren. Because they will never get the one-on-one education we had at Douglass.. today, school is very different, but also very much needed to survive.

Thank you Calvin for asking me for input..

Leola Gray Johnson